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Buying A Used Freightliner Truck? Question To Ask If You Are Buying An Extended Warranty For The Used Truck

If you are looking to purchase a used freightliner truck for sale, you may also be looking to purchase a warranty to cover the vehicle. However, buying a warranty for a used freightliner is a bit different than buying a warranty for a new or used vehicle. If you are looking to purchase one of these warranties, you can typically buy them from at the same time you buy the used freightliner truck. As such, you will want to know what questions to ask before buying one. Here are a few of the questions you should ask when you are looking to buy an extended warranty for a used Freightliner truck:

What is Covered By the Warranty?

One of the most important questions to ask when you are looking to buy a warranty for a used Freightliner is what is covered by the warranty. Some warranties will only cover certain parts, like the drivetrain of the cab. Other companies will cover the trailer that is attached or items such as the air brake system. Never assume that you know what is included when you get a warranty. Always get it in writing. 

How Long Does the Warranty Last? 

The next question you will want to ask is how long the warranty you are looking to buy lasts. Some warranties may last a few years, while others may last 300,000 miles. Always consider how long you plan on owning the truck and how much driving you plan on doing to help you determine the length or mileage requirements you should look for when buying a used Freightliner warranty. 

Does the Warranty Overlap or Extend Any Current Warranty?

The last question to ask when you are looking to purchase an extended warranty for a used Freightliner truck is whether the warranty you are buying overlaps any existing warranty, you get when buying the truck or whether it extends it. For example, if the truck you are buying has a 90-day warranty through the dealership, some warranties that you buy on your own simply start the day you buy it, overlapping coverage. Others will not kick in until your existing warranty ends, meaning it would start on the 91st day. 

Warranties for used Freightliner trucks vary from company to company. Some cover different items, some last longer, and some overlap while others extend any existing warranty. Asking these questions will help you to find the right warranty the used Freightliner truck for sale you are considering buying. 

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