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The Reasons Why A Windshield Repair Did Not Work

Picture this: You are driving down the road when a rock or pebble comes flying up and hits your windshield. You are then left with a crack or chip on your windshield. When this happens, you will want to have the crack or chip repaired as quickly as possible. This helps to prevent the crack or chip from getting any larger. But not every windshield repair will work. Even if you go to have the chip or crack repaired, the chip or crack may still grow and you may wind up needing windshield repair. If you are in this position, you may wonder why this is. Here are a few of the reasons why a windshield repair may not work. 

The Crack or Chip is Too Large to Repair

One of the reasons why a windshield repair may not work is because the crack or chip was too large to repair. As a general rule of thumb, cracks that cannot be hidden behind a dollar bill and chips that are larger than the size of a quarter should not be repaired. They are generally considered too large. However, some people push the envelope because they don't have the money for windshield replacement at this time. If you are trying to repair a chip or crack larger than this size, know that there is a good chance the repair won't hold. 

The Weather Was Poor

Another reason why a windshield repair may not work is due to inclement weather. Windshield repair should not be done in the rain. Additionally, freezing temperature can prevent the resin from adhering and curing. A professional company will know what weather elements can prevent the resin from properly adhering and should avoid making repairs in this weather. 

There is Too Much Dirt or Dust Inside the Crack

Dirt or dust can get in the chip or crack as you drive your car around with the damage present. Unfortunately, there is no way to remove dirt or dust from the crack and it can impede the resin's ability to adhere properly to the crack. As such, you want to have windshield repair done as quickly as possible to prevent this problem. 

When a crack or chip is present on your windshield, you have to decide whether to repair it or replace your windshield. If you do go with repair, be aware that not every repair will work. If your repair does not work, you do not have the option of having it repaired a second time. At that time, windshield replacement is your only option. Contact a shop, like Glass Pro Inc, for more help.