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Signs That Your Car Needs a Transmission Repair

Everyone who drives a car, especially a foreign car, should be aware of the warning signs that your vehicle requires a transmission repair. A foreign car transmission repair will help increase the overall lifespan of your vehicle and prevent a major disaster on the road.

Is Your Vehicle Leaking Transmission Fluid?

One of the most obvious signs that your foreign vehicle requires a foreign car transmission repair is the presence of fluid on your driveway or in the parking lots you frequent. Check your transmission fluid levels if you notice a red liquid on the pavement. A low fluid level indicates that your transmission isn't being properly lubricated, which can cause serious damage if left untreated.

Do You Smell Burning?

Any smells of burning coming from your engine are indicative of a serious problem. While this problem could reside in many areas of your engine, it's possible that it is due to the transmission malfunctioning. If you smell burning, visit a company like Vonkattengell Transmission Service to diagnose the problem as soon as you possibly can.

Is the Transmission Fluid Cloudy?

Make a habit of checking your transmission fluid. If it's cloudy or dirty when you run it on a cloth or through your fingers, it's absolutely time to flush your transmission. While many people tend to make this a do it yourself job, it's well worth having a professional who is trained in foreign car transmission repair take care of the flush.

Are There Strange Noises When You Shift?

Whether you're driving a manual or automatic transmission, any noises that occur when your car shifts gears are indicative of a transmission problem. Listen for any clunks, bumps or whirls that happen as your car moves through the gears. These sounds can represent a variety of issues, and many of them can leave you stranded on the road. It could mean that something is loose inside your transmission or engine compartment. Avoid the urge to self-diagnose the problem; visit a transmission repair specialist.

Do You Have Problems Shifting?

Is shifting sluggish or otherwise problematic? This is almost always an indication that your vehicle needs transmission repair. If your car's gears grind or lurch, visit a transmission repair shop immediately. These warning signs are typically representative of a problem that may become worse with time.

Many of the above warning signs coincide. If you have any issues with your transmission, start by checking your fluid. Then, visit a trained professional if the problems persist.